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Carte+: Reimagine last mile fulfillment, one seamless order at a time

The retail world has undergone a permanent change. Gone are the days of sluggish deliveries and limited options as innovative trendsetters forge new benchmarks. Order fulfillment is evolving at warp speed, becoming increasingly on-demand and convenient. For customers, same-day delivery is an expectation that must be fulfilled.

Yet, this revolution isn’t just about speed; it’s about proximity. Fulfillment is moving closer to the shopper, with micro-fulfillment centers, neighborhood fulfillment centers, and even dark stores.

Clearly, this rapid shift to MFCs demands a rethink of automation. What works for warehousing will not work for last-mile delivery, and vice versa. What MFCs need to run at top gear is a solution that exhibits fast, agile, reliable and scalable characteristics. 

Look no further than the advanced Carte+ to fulfill orders whenever and wherever your customers need them. Carte+ offers a simple yet effective path to automate fast fulfillment needs.

What makes Carte+ effective

< 6 weeks

> 450 totes/hr

Space Utilization
> 8’ ceiling heights

< 2 years

It is ideal for fulfillment centers in urban areas with limited floor space. No floor preparation is needed, and it can be installed without heavy material handling equipment in weeks vs. months. It does not require expensive operator stations and can function with standard racking giving you the ability to achieve an ROI within 2 years or less.

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